May 20 - July 24, 1999, Milano

Press Release

ANNE CHU20 May - 24 July 1999 The first European solo exhibition of American artist Anne Chu takes place at Monica De Cardenas Gallery from May 20 to September 25, 1999. Anne Chu presents a group of works specially conceived for this exhibition: five sculptures and 10 watercolors inspired by the tomb figures of the Tang dinasty (AD 618-907). Loosely recalling the shapes of Guardians, Warriors, Court Ladies and Musicians, the sculptures of Anne Chu are carved in wood or bronze and painted with colors that contradict the very reality of the figures themselves. They dwell smoothly in a realm between the world of ancient totemic symbols and popular culture, between representation and abstraction. These sculptures are somehow elusive, as if made with an endlessly mutable material, thus questioning our perceptions of art and history. The subtle tension between representation and abstraction arises also from the beautiful watercolors. The figures are slightly delimited with lines that only sometimes and seemingly by accident coincide with the trasparent strokes and splotches of color, creating forms that seem to appear and disappear.