Press release

8 February - 30 March 2002

The work of Chiara Dynys derives from classical painting but shapes real space. The perspective construction normally used in representation becomes tridimensional and therefore models the space in which we move, addressing directly to our perception of space, matter and colour.

The geometric shape and the monochrome of her works recall the heroic tradition of intellectual abstraction but at same time their nearly imperceptible asymmetry and irregularities reveal the complexity and the scepticism that characterize the ninenties.

Both colour and materials hide a snare since they induce ambiguous perceptions. The monochrome is not a sign of a trascendental truth but is rather a camouflage of the material itself. The uniform colour of some installation make one think the support is always the same while there are many: the different materials are made similar to deceive the perception through a kind of mimetic trick.

In this way the single element plays with a relationship of disguises (the green marmorino imitates the real marble, while the marble itself imitates the marmorino) attempting to erase distinctions between different materials and referring to the illusory effort to distinguish between reality and illusion.